This 6 Figure Income System Can Be Worked From Home In ANY English Speaking Country In The World!

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As A Manager We Will Custom Print Postcards With Your Specially Coded Phone Number & URL Link To YOUR Webpages We Host Just For YOU!


As A Manager You Can Build Your 6 Figure Income By Telemarketing - Hire NO INVESTMENT Telemarketers To Work For You - Mail Your Specially Coded Postcards - Pass Out Your Postcards Out At Networking Events & Trade Shows - Give Them To Everyone You Meet - Promote Your Sales Webpage Online Using The FREE Advertising Locations Found By CLICKING HERE!

You will be given a virtual online automated call center and we supply the leads - we have a bulk mailing service - we supply the mailing list or we can use yours. Networking events are perfect for passing out your postcards, business trade shows (MLM conventions are perfect ), and those you meet on a daily basis are excellent ways to distribute your postcards.






No Experience Required - We Offer Full Training


For Those Who Have Experience In Telemarketing This Is Perfect!

We will set-up your own VIRTUAL ONLINE CALL CENTER and load targeted leads with phone numbers. You will have a lead system where you will type in those prospects who want to learn more about the CoOp Postcard program and the other marketing we will do for them. When entering their info into this sales system your prospect will receive an email message with YOUR specially coded sales information. 

Your prospect will also receive a series of auto responder email messages coded to YOU. When they call your coded phone number we will do the closing for you!

This telemarketing system is perfect for those who want to spend the majority of their time working from their home with the potential of making a nice full time living at home. 

This CoOp Postcard Marketing System Is Perfect For Any Multi-Level Marketing Program

There are MILLIONS of MLM enthusiasts in thousands of MLM companies. Imagine - AS A MANAGER - if you shared this powerful CoOp Postcard Marketing System with just 10% of the millions of MLM members the potential monthly residual income you could make





A 2 Tier Profit Program With Up-Front Payments & Monthly Residual Income



We Pay You A One Time $200 & We Do The Selling For You When They Call Your Specially Coded Phone # & We Sell A Membership


As A Manager We Pay You $50 Monthly Residual Income On Those We Sell A Monthly Subscription Membership



As A Manager We Pay You A One Time $25 From Those On Your 2nd Level Who We Sell A Membership


As A Manager We Pay You $25 Monthly Residual Income From Those We Sell A Membership On Your 2nd Level


As A Manager You Will Own A Sales Webpage For Selling The CoOp Postcard Marketing System    

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Welcome To Freelance Marketing Group

This Powerful FMG Independent Agent 6 Figure Income Marketing System Is By Invitation Only.

You can NOT automatically join. There are NO lead capture forms to fill out to be placed on a list. Those who are serious MUST call for an interview to see if they qualify. There is NO INVESTMENT for the position of "Work At Home Telemarketers" - WE PAY YOU - YOU DON'T PAY US! Typically only 1 out of 10 qualify so call now and leave a message and we will call you back for a phone interview to see if you qualify.  One of the qualifications is YOU must devote at least 2 hours a day ( Monday - Friday ) working from your home. You generate the leads - we help with closing the prospects and you get paid weekly!