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You may have a great business with a great website, but if your internet marketing has errors you will miss out on a multitude of prospective clients. Below are some tips to help you find  those errors and fix them.




Functionality and Aesthetics: Your site page needs to be attractive, engaging and easy to navigate. Here’s how to do that:

  • Clean design: The exact opposite thing you need is for your site to look chaotic or like a monster "spam" center. From textual styles to hues to pictures make a clean, welcoming configuration that is satisfying to the eye and gives the presence of order..
  • Is your site easy for people to find what they’re looking for: Keep in mind your site is designed to capture potential customers and on the off chance they can't rapidly and effectively discover the data they're searching for—they'll likely leave your site and never come back. Verify your site's information is NOT difficult to discover, easy to understand.and user-friendly.
  • Small images and concise content: In the event you include bad pictures, flash and lengthy content with extensive web-duplication your page will, for the most part, move much slower. Guests have a short attention span and don't care to read lengthy content on website pages so keep it brief. Bullet Points highlighting your content - such as the example you are reading right now - are what you want to use.
  • Fresh Content: On the off chance your site page seems as though it's from 2000, it may be the ideal time for a redesign. The top sites in the business contain crisp features, dynamic web articles, updated profiles and sharp a la mode content. Try to incorporate new advancements and tasteful substance to your site.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Having an appealing and educational site is great. However, in the event no one can discover it "What's The Point?" Making your site SEO ready is no longer an option. It is the essential apparatus for driving more traffic to your site. Some of the most important components of making sure your website receives traffic is #1. 350 Or More Backlinks #2. Your Google Listing Is Optimized #3. Your Directory Listings Show No Errors #4. Your Website Is SEO Ready With The Right Content & Keywords #5. Your Website Is Mobile Ready #6. You Have The Right Targeted Blogging Campaigns #7. Your Paid Traffic Sources - Such As Google Adwords - Are Set-up Properly #8. You Must Have A Social Network Presence Linking Back To Your Website #9. You Must Have A Youtube Account.  The more traffic your site gets, the more return you'll have. If your site is NOT SEO ready, not receiving hundreds of new visitors a month, complete the "REQUEST A FREE QUOTE NOW" form at the top of the page!
  • Google Analytics,  SEO & Competition Ranking Reports: Google Analytics, SEO, & Competition reports not only allow you to measure sales and conversions, they also give you insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site and how you can keep them coming back.  Use and reuse pertinent keywords in your website. One of the options we offer is to embed your website with the Google Analytics code, PLUS generate SEO & Competition reports allowing you to see where your paid and organic traffic is coming from. If you are not using these reports now you need to complete the "REQUEST A FREE QUOTE NOW" form above and ask that we teach you how to use it.

Selling Power: Last but not least. You want your website blog to have selling power or the ability to communicate services in such a way that attracts potential clients.

  • Immediate blog exposure: Your web blog is the brilliant part of your online networking battle. Verify it is obvious to guests and is stylishly adjusted to your website page by asking for comments and feed back.
  • Clear calls to action: Encourage your guests to schedule consultations and contact your company for more information. An example would be the "REQUEST A FREE QUOTE NOW" form at the top of the page!
  • Lead Capture: Entice your readers to enter their email and phone number in order to receive timely updates and your newsletter. This gives you a lead to follow up with. Remember "THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST - THE LIST IS ALL THAT MATTERS"
  • Testimonials: Testimonials are an amazing feature to integrate into your website. If you have positive experiences with clients, ask them for a referral to put on your website. This lends more credibility to your website. Example:

Having been involved in internet marketing for number of years without much success and not making the money I was looking for, a very good friend called and told me about something called FTMT have a good look at it. When I saw it was Harvey and Marty there was no hesitation to jump on board.

Darrell P.

  • Links to social networks: Make sure links to all of your social networks are visible! Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest,  and Google +, are the ones that should be represented. If these are not showing on your website we have an optional service where we will set those up for you and place those links on your current or new website.
  • Google Places/Business Listing: The foundation of your SEO, testimonials and organic traffic is your Google Listing. This is NOT an option - you must have a Google presence like one of our clients has CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE. As you can see our client has his Google Listing set-up properly with the logo, a lot of pictures, testimonials, maps and more. To see if your Google Business Listing is looking like this client's simply do a Google Search using YOUR business phone number. If your Google Listing is not showing or is missing some of the components of our clients complete the "REQUEST A FREE QUOTE NOW" form at the top of the page!
  • Is Your Site Mobile Ready: Not long ago Google announced that as of April 21 2015, “we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.” That’s a major change. The good news is it’s pretty easy to see if your site makes the grade. Check out Google Developers' Mobile-Friendly Test Click Here, enter your site’s URL, and after a quick analysis, you’ll see where you stand. If this test fails we can make your site mobile ready - complete the "REQUEST A FREE QUOTE NOW" form at the top of the page!   Click Here for an example of a BEFORE & AFTER example of a Mobile Ready website.

All in all, your website needs to serve a purpose. Whether it is to generate leads, sell a product or provide information, you need to have a goal and a way to measure the success. If you don’t know where to start complete the "REQUEST A FREE QUOTE NOW" form at the top of this page. When one of our agents contacts you ask them about what you learned on this website page and why you need to implement the same techniques on your website page whether we REDESIGN  or build a NEW WEBSITE for your business. No matter what - don’t be the company with a “sketchy” website. Use it to strut your professionalism and reel in those clients!

Youtube Videos Are An Important Asset To Your Website

Your website MUST have a Youtube Account with a variety of short videos all linking back to your website to increase your SEO score.

We have Optional NICHE Specific Videos That We Will Brand To Your Business that can be placed on your Youtube account. In the video below we have an assortment of a few of the industry specific videos. If you do not see your business not a problem - we can build a short video for your business and place it on your existing or new website...

Your Custom Responsive Mobile SEO Ready Website Designers Will Be...



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