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What Is Spill Over?

Spill Over is an idea related to compelled matrix MLM business structures where you can possibly only sponsor certain number of people on the primary degree beneath you. Once you fill your first level, any extra individuals you sponsor are positioned beneath someone on your first level. In the identical method, as soon as your upline Sponsor fills his first level, some portion of additional recruits he sponsors spills over and is placed underneath you.

If, in case you have an lively recruiter in your upline, ( US ), then Spill Over is certainly an invaluable, fascinating feature. Spill Over not only leverages your personal recruiting efforts and will increase your monetary movement,  it also offers an incredible incentive or motivation to get folks to join and to keep individuals within the program.
Since OUR company can only have -2- members on our first level, in this BINARY Compensation Plan those who join thereafter must go under previously positioned OneCoin members - POSSIBLY YOU.
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