Ultimate Cycler Affiliate Link Instructions: This lead generator will cost a one time and offers over $2,000 in business building tools and training. When we program your Ultimate Cycler affiliate link into your mall article that prospect then pays YOU the $25 and not us. If you do not join paying the $25 our company affiliate link will stay in your article in your mall and we make the money.

#1. Click On The Image to be taken to the area where you will click through to join and pay the $25

#2. Find YOUR Ultimate Cycler affiliate link and paste it into the email we sent you with the category on Ultimate Cycler in front of your affiliate link.

#3. Once we have your mall programmed and ready for you to promote log back in to Ultimate Cycler and start using ALL of the business building tools found in your back office.



If you skip this step, our company affiliate link for this program, will be in YOUR article in your mall!

Make sure you complete this step before going to the next step!